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Fully weaned, well-socialized, DNA-sexed babies guaranteed to be in good health.

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards via PayPal.

Price List*
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(Please note that we do not export birds.)
Texas residents at 8.25% sales tax. Prices do not include shipping.

Eclectus Parrots (click for photos)
(Eclectus roratus) (Red-sided, Vosmaer's, Solomon Island)
Timneh African Grey Parrots (click for photos)
(Psittacus timneh)
Lesser Jardine's Parrots
(Poicephalus gulielmi fantiensis)

Cape Parrots (click for photos)
( Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus and P.f. fuscicollis)

Senegal Parrots
(Poicephalus senegalus)
Meyer's Parrots
(Poicephalus meyeri)
Greater Vasa Parrots (click for photos)
(Coracopsis vasa)
Lesser Vasa Parrots
(Coracopsis nigra)
Rose-breasted Cockatoos (Galahs)
(Eolophus roseicapillus)
Citron-crested Cockatoos -- Texas residents only.
(Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata)
Umbrella Cockatoos
(Cacatua alba)
White-bellied Caiques
(Pionites leucogastor)

Black-headed Caiques
(Pionites melanocephala)

$495, $925 pair

Red-fronted Macaws
(Ara rubrogenys)

*All prices subject to change without notice.

Available Babies
Species Sex Hatch date* Weaned? Price Availability & weaning date
Parent-raised Red-fronted Macaw TBD 07/21/15 Yes $1200 One baby. Hatch date is approximate -- baby fledged 10/21/15. This baby is parent raised and would be best for breeding.
*First hatch date for clutch.

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