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edited by Scott Lewis

A woman who owned a parrot had to call a plumber because of a stopped-up drain and other problems, and she told the plumber that she had to go out, but she would leave the back door open so he could come in. She told the parrot goodbye, and left.

Some time later, the plumber arrived only to find the door locked. He knocked on the door, to see if the woman had returned home by chance. He heard a response from inside saying, "Who is it?" It was the parrot.

"It's the plumber," the man called, "The door is locked."

"Who is it??", said the parrot louder."

"Lady, I just told you, IT'S THE PLUMBER! And I can't come in because you locked the door!"

From inside, louder and more frantically, came a voice saying, "Who is it???"

The plumber was FED UP, and he lost his temper.

"#!@*(*!#&**=+:#!!!", the plumber yelled, "IT'S THE PLUMBER! IT'S THE PLUMBER!! IT'S THE PLUMBER!!! YOU LOCKED THE DAMN DOOR ON ME AND I CAN'T GET IN!!!!!" At that point, the plumber was so steamed that he had a stroke, collapsed, and died on the spot. Right outside the back door.

Some time later, the woman came back from her errand, and saw the man.

"Who is this?" she asked aloud.

The parrot gave a sidelong glance, and said, "It's the plumber."

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