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The following story is contributed by Joanie Doss, author and owner of the Amazing Amazons, Anchorage, Alaska.

I thought you might enjoy a biting story about my Blue-fronted Amazon, Pepper. When I first got Pepper as an adult, he followed me into my kitchen and saw some paper grocery bags. He said, “Put the bird in a sack.” I called his former owner, and she confirmed that Pepper loved to be put in a paper sack and rocked.

Several days later he was out of his cage while I was cleaning it. Sitting on the hearth of the fireplace he called out, “Put the bird in a sack!” “No, not now,” I replied. With more feeling he again stated, “Put the bird in a sack!!!” Being very much in a hurry I told him, “No, later.”

In a flash he charged off the hearth, grabbed me in the leg, and through clenched beak muttered, “Put the bird in a sack!!!!!” He bit through a pair of jeans, long johns, and a pair of wool socks. (This was Fairbanks, Alaska in winter.)

That was over 10 years ago, and I still have the scar. His bite has to register pretty high on the bite-o-meter.

This joke is from the Exotic-L Internet mailing list.

A magician on board a Sea Cruise Liner performed tricks each day for the passengers in the saloon.

There was a resident parrot in a cage in the saloon. Every time the magician performed a trick the parrot always gave the game away by saying things like:

It’s up his sleeve!”

He put it in his pocket!

It’s sticking out at the back of his hand!”

Then one day there was a storm and the Liner sank. The magician and the parrot found themselves in the same lifeboat.

The lifeboat drifted for three days and the parrot was completely silent.

Finally, on the fourth day the parrot said, “All right then! What did you do with the bloody boat!”

Politically correct bird terminology from the Exotic-L Internet mailing list.

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