Old World Aviaries

The lighter side

by Scott Lewis

I frequently hear complaints from bird owners about the destructiveness of their pets. Here is the current toll at our house from four Greys, one Eclectus, and an Umbrella as related by Linda, my wife.

Master Bedroom: Cherry bedroom suite chewed up. Lamp cords in bedroom chewed. Both alarm clocks destroyed. My wicker chair I use at my vanity eaten and pooped on. Hand-screened wallpaper in the master bath eaten up 5 inches. Holes in bedroom drapes. Electronics remotes flattened, buttons absent. Portable phone antenna chewed up. Nice comforter pooped on.

Sun porch: Ceiling fan blades completely eaten by Umbrella. Hugh portions of woodwork that are structural supports for the room nearly chewed through. Poop and food on walls. Cords from mini blinds chewed up and gone. Multiple plants chewed up.

Den: Holes in leather chair. Poop stains on bronze statue. End-table eaten that was made by my father when he was a kid. Oriental rug pooped on. Lamp cord chewed. Picture frame chewed. Antique secretary partially stripped.

Scott’s Office: This is where the Greys and Desi the Eclectus stay during the day. This mess is really too bad to describe in a public forum. Ask Scott about mouse pads, mouse, keyboards, note pads, any paper item, cigars, pens, pencils, books, bookcases, mini blinds, drapes, chairs, and tables. It used to be a nice office.

But I wouldn’t change the flock for the world.

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