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edited by Scott Lewis

The following story is contributed by Stead Martyn from the Exotic-L mailing list.

Two guys are on the top of a cliff. The first puts two parrots under his armpits and leaps off. The second puts two budgies under his armpits and does likewise.

As you can imagine, they both reach terminal velocity fairly quickly, hit the ground hard, and survive by pure luck and a very soft piece of ground at the bottom.

Waking up several days later in intensive care the first one says, “I don’t think much of this parrot gliding,” to which the other replies, “No kidding. The budgie jumping really stinks too!”

The following story is contributed by Deborah McCormick from the Exotic-L mailing list.

I was at the neighborhood video store tonight, and they have an X-rated room with saloon style doors to separate it from the rest of the store. I was standing fairly close to these doors (on the outside) and here comes this Congo Grey waddling out from under the doors saying in a distressed voice “Ohhh boy, Ohhh boy, Where’s Mom?” I almost hit the floor in hysterics.

His mom came and picked him up looking rather embarrassed, at about the same time that dad came out of the X-rated room. She said that that’s what he, the bird, says when he’s going around the house looking for her.

Personally I think dad was showing him some of the covers on those video boxes and the bird was tattling.

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